Rest day

Here’s a little outfit inspiration that I would like to wear for my rest day. Something girly (because of the top and the flowery backpack) and at the same time sporty (because of the cap and shoes) . I can go shopping with this outfit or just go strolling around the park, enjoying nature, and capturing perfect moments through the Instax camera.


Ted baker top
7,940 PHP –

Skinny leg jeans
1,005 PHP –

Sperry leather boat shoes
2,510 PHP –

Herschel Supply Co rucksack bag
2,765 PHP –

Ray Ban ray ban eyewear
11,150 PHP –

Topshop cotton hat
1,115 PHP –

Fujifilm Instax Mini White Instax Mini 8 Camera
3,520 PHP –

1,760 PHP –

Why are people mean?

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I wonder why some people are so mean.

There are just some people who think it’s fine to say mean things about you.  It hurts because these things were said through a joke. Everybody who heard it, laughed. What hurts the most is that the person who said it is supposedly your friend. There is a difference between PERSONALLY calling you out for what they think is a “flaw” (weight, height, color, gender, etc) and repeatedly joking about it in a room FULL OF PEOPLE.

I experienced this firsthand. At first, it was okay. I even went along with it but you know, there are days where we are just so sensitive that even an unintentional joke could make us burst. It got too much, I couldn’t handle it anymore. They made me feel like  I should feel sorry for being simply me.

There even came a time where I’ll say those mean things loudly to myself so I won’t hear it from them. So that when they bully me, it won’t hurt as much.

I thought bullying only happens in elementary or high school. I thought it goes away as we grow up but I’m wrong. It even got worst. Worst because even a professional person does it. It doesn’t matter how educated we are if our actions show the opposite. Do people realize that? I wonder.

Birthday & Christmas 2016 wishlist

Birthday & Christmas 2016 wishlist

Mini adventure

Mini adventure


H M white chiffon top
415 PHP –

Frame Denim blue skinny jeans
7,405 PHP –

Superga laced shoes
4,865 PHP –

Herschel Supply Co rucksack bag
3,020 PHP –

Michael Kors quartz movement watch
11,625 PHP –

COLAB accessory
8,420 PHP –

Gottex hat
2,605 PHP –

Summer stroll

Summer stroll

H M tee shirt
525 PHP –

ASOS jean shorts
2,365 PHP –

Sperry canvas shoes
2,780 PHP –

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses
11,140 PHP –

Herschel Supply Co men s backpack
4,170 PHP –

Adventure awaits!!

Adventure awaits!!


H M short sleeve v neck tee
545 PHP –

Topshop boyfriend fit jeans
1,500 PHP –

Sperry Top-Sider laced up shoes
950 PHP –

Herschel Supply Co pocket backpack
3,745 PHP –

Ray-Ban adjustable lens glasses
11,575 PHP –

INSTAX MINI BY FUJIFILM White Instax Mini 8 Camera
3,340 PHP –